Pakistan hands over child sex offender to UK

Pakistan hands over child sex offender to UK

London: Authorities in Islamabad and the UK have been handed over to British authorities in the early 21st century following the successful efforts of authorities.

The 42-year-old Chaudhry was taken to Britain on Tuesday after being handed over by authorities, Great Manchester Police (GMP) said in a statement.

The accused, who fled to Pakistan during a trial in the UK, was arrested four years later in January 2019 from Sangla, Faisalabad.

Chaudhry Akhlaq Hussain was convicted in April 2016 of engaging in sexual activity with children three times, including two counts of rap and one-time conspiracy, for which the offender was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

The man was one of 10 men who sexually abused a girl in 2016, belonging to a group of Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Afghan nationals who were convicted of sexually abusing dozens of teenage girls. ۔

The court was told that these men used to give gifts to girls and then give them alcohol and drugs before forcing them to have sex with other men.

The offenders were tried under the UK's 'Operation Debate', launched in 2012 to investigate reports of child sexual abuse between 2003 and 2013.

It is understood that Akhlaq Hussein had asked the judge for permission to attend the funeral of a loved one in the UK during the trial, after which he fled to Pakistan and was arrested as a result of joint action by British and local authorities last year. He was a fugitive.

Jamie Daniels, a senior investigator for 'Operation Debate', said after the conviction, 'Akhlaq Hussein is a sexual predator who misunderstood that he could escape justice and live a good life in another country. Its victims are forced to face the effects of its wrongdoing. '

He further said that "the extradition of the aforesaid person is an indication that when it comes to chasing the perpetrators of child sexual abuse, we will find them all over the world".

Jamie Daniels said, "It doesn't matter how many years have passed we will do everything we can to catch the perpetrators of dangerous crimes like Mohawk Hussain and bring them to justice. '.

On the other hand, the British High Commissioner to Pakistan Dr Christian Turner said the delivery of Akhlaq Hussein was a recent example of close cooperation between UK and Pakistan law enforcement agencies.



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