Pakistan demands release of detained Kashmir prisoners and removal of barriers

Pakistan demands release of detained Kashmir prisoners and removal of barriers

Pakistan, in view of the Corona virus, demanded immediate release of Indian oppressed prisoners in Jammu and Kashmir and the removal of barriers imposed in the region.

According to a statement issued by Foreign Office spokeswoman Aysha Farooqi, "despite the confirmation of several cases of coronavirus in occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan is deeply concerned over the restrictions in the region."

In his statement, she said, "Thousands of Kashmiri youth, members of civil society, journalists and political leadership are still imprisoned in Indian jails, many of whom have been shifted to unknown places away from families".

"The Indian forces are operating in the occupied territory under non-human laws like the Public Safety Act and the Armed Forces Special Power Act," the Foreign Office statement said.

Expressing concern over the prolonged arrest of Kashmiri leadership, the senior leader of the Hurriyat Conference is locked up in his own homes or in different jails. '.

A statement about the Yasin Malik states that "the health of the Yasin malik is deteriorating and the 30-year-old has threatened to strike hunger strike indefinitely against making a false charge sheet."

The Foreign Office said that since August 5, 2019, India has taken illegal actions, since then all educational institutions in occupied Jammu and Kashmir have been closed and students are also missing online education due to the closure of the Internet military service.

The statement said that the world is suffering from the worst health emergency at the moment while India's 9 million army and paramilitary occupied Jammu and Kashmir are busy torturing innocent civilians.

Referring to the difficulties in the occupied region, it said, "The international community should recognize the serious human rights abuses committed by India in occupied Kashmir and to eliminate barriers to communication with India and to provide citizens with medical and other basic needs." Urgently demand permission to move freely. '

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The Foreign Office called on the international community to "pressure the Indian government to immediately release political prisoners, including the senior leadership of the Hurriyat Conference, in prisons inside India".

The statement also called for pressure from the international community to remove restrictions on the Internet and other facilities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The statement regarding India's atrocities states that after the illegal actions of August 5, 2019, the human rights situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir is severe but the Indian government cannot suppress the legal rights of Kashmiris in this way.

Pakistan pledged to continue the moral and diplomatic cooperation of Kashmiris, saying that "Pakistan will continue to cooperate with the oppressed Kashmiris against the self-determination of Kashmiris and the oppression of the Indian government as long as the UN Security Council According to the contracts, their rights are not recognized.

It is to be noted that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had written a letter to the UN Secretary-General and President of the Security Council two days ago in which he was apprised of the serious situation in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The Foreign Minister in his letter rejected India's claims stating that the situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir is normal.

He called on the Security Council to respond to a highly irresponsible statement made by India's Chief of Defense staff regarding the extremist youth camps in Jammu and Kashmir that India had signed a ceasefire agreement with the Line of Control. Has been in continuous violation since December 12, 2019.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi stressed that India is likely to take false action to divert global attention from the worst human rights abuses and the grave situation in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.


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