Pakistan bans the use of a naval refueling device

Pakistan bans the use of a naval refueling device

Posted on Jan 23, 2020

Islamabad: Pakistan bans using open-loop scrubbers of ships in the sea, which cleans sulfur from navy fuel and empties the remnants into the sea.

According to the regulatory note, Pakistan is the new country which banned the cleaning device.

According to a British news agency Reuters report earlier this year, the United Nations Maritime Organization, the International Maritime Organization, banned the use of fossil fuels by more than 0.5 percent, compared to 3.5 percent earlier.

The move is a major blow to the oil and shipping industries, aimed at improving human health by reducing air pollution.

Only ships with high sulfur fuel will be allowed to have a sulfur purification device, such as scrubbers.

In addition, owners of ships can use alternative sources of clean fuel.

However, some ports have also banned a variety of scrubbers, and that is the Open Loop, which empties the remnants of seawater, a move that unexpectedly increased the cost for shipping companies, which cost $ 1 million.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Ports and Shipping said that wash-water emissions through open-loop scrubbers are prohibited in Pakistani ports and suburbs.

According to the circular, the vessels in which the open-loop scrubber is installed need to be transported to the compatible fuel.

The Ministry of Naval Affairs added that it is recommended that the ship move to closeup mode or use proper fuel before arriving at the port area.

It is understood that Fujairah port banned open-loop scrubbers in Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, while China is also expanding its ban on scrubber in more coastal areas.

The users of these devices emphasized that there is no comprehensive scientific research showing that material released from open-loop scrubbers is harmful to the environment.

Analysts warn of possible tightening of sanctions, which will increase investor costs


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