Pakistan Ambassador's Conference for African Countries in Islamabad

Pakistan Ambassador's Conference for African Countries in Islamabad

Prime Minister Imran Khan says that there is exemplary harmony in institutions and those who want instability in the country are disappointed.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the Pakistan Ambassador's Conference for African Countries in Islamabad, the Prime Minister said that our government has promoted merit in the country. The bureaucracy also promotes merit and appointments are made on merit.

He said that in every institution, people would put on merit because the country where merit goes forward.

He cited the example of China in this regard and said, "People come up through the merit system in China".

The Prime Minister said that in the 1960s, Pakistan's bureaucracy was working on a merit basis, in sports, the same team goes on to be elected on merit. The good thing about democracy is that it is based on merit. On the contrary, the kingdom operates on the basis of likes and dislikes.

"Overseas Pakistanis are our biggest asset. As the rate of growth grows, if the currency goes down, the deficit will increase and everything else becomes expensive because of a falling currency," he said.

He said that the current account deficit is making the country poorer because of the lack of capital, our exports and remittances are very important to us, they are linked to our economy.

The Prime Minister said that the Pakistanis have a large part in our economy, so it is very important in our diplomacy.

He directed the press extremists to stay in touch with the Foreign Ministry and said that press extremists play a key role in relations with other countries.

Emphasizing the Need to Focus on Africa

The Prime Minister said that Africa was ignored in the past, nations move forward with great thought, in the 1960s we had self-esteem and our bureaucracy could be fought against anyone in the world, Pakistan in every field. I was making a lot of progress, the skills of our bureaucrats were acknowledged in the world, gradually that trust was lost, now we have to regain it and understand our position.

He said that when I met Nelson Mandela, he praised Pakistan very much, he was very impressed with Quaid-e-Azam, we have lost our place, Allah has given Pakistan important geographical status and resources. What is the wealth

He said that Pakistan's economy has stabilized, the value of the Pakistani rupee and the stock exchange has improved despite volatility efforts.

Emphasizing the need to focus on Africa, Imran Khan said that the example of Turkey is in front of us, Turkey has also gone to Africa, we have to do our best, our diplomats have a lot of potentials. Understand and bring investment and trade opportunities to Pakistan.

'Will now acts as a mediator rather than party'

He said that the foreign policy of Pakistan is what it should belong ago, Pakistan should not be used for anybody and we should stick to the free foreign policy, but we have jumped into the battle of others for assistance. We did a lot of damage, now we have to improve the relationship.

"We will now try to play the role of mediator rather than becoming a party," he said.

"We suffered a lot from the Afghan war, and as a result, there was only ruin in Pakistan's part and Pakistan was accused of playing a double game," he said.

Imran Khan said in the past that Du Moore faced pressure, now we speak straightforward and do not make false promises that cannot be fulfilled, in the past promises that we could not fulfill.

'Pakistan's strongest institutions Pushing India'

The Prime Minister said that an attempt was made to hold the country's stability and volatility through trial.

He said that the Kashmir issue was backfired due to the sit-in. The Kashmir issue has never been raised in the way it is now being raised. Well, Pakistan's strong institutions are pushing India.

He said that India's racist party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Mafia, who had been robbing the country of wealth, were in despair, hoping for instability so that their money and looted wealth would be safe.

The Prime Minister said that democracy is stabilizing in Pakistan, institutions respect each other and will not fight each other.

"We have struggled for an independent judiciary. During the free judicial movement in 2007, I was sent to prison, which I am proud of. We will strengthen all institutions, including the judiciary, the harmony in the institutions is exemplary," he said. ۔

He said that Pakistan is moving forward through difficult times and no power can stop Pakistan from moving forward.


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