Pak Legion comic book series creator Amir Najeeb

Pak Legion comic book series creator Amir Najeeb

Posted on Dec 19, 2019

'Pak Legion': comic book series creator Amir Najeeb who created 12 superheroes presenting Pakistanis
Karachi residents are currently searching for Balaji, their family and residents in the area. No one knows where they are and no one wants to talk openly about when they will return home.

It is said that there has been a war ten years ago since which they have been 'missing'. A newspaper headline recently wrote, "Balaj: alive or dead?"

His story may not be what many want to publish, but Karachi-based Amir Najib Khan is publishing a comic book series based on such characters as 'Pak Legion'.

This is a series of eight figures that aims to expose all the characters who are in front of us but are ignored.

Balaj's character is also part of the story and his superpower prevents the enemy from coming to his mind.

Amir Najib Khan, 25, is a graphic designer. Amir's book is coming at a time when a different debate has erupted between book and film characters.

Talking about his comic book, Amir said, "When we talk about superheroes in general, we think they will be solid and physically strong, but I didn't want that. I write such roles. I wanted to be a character that a normal person could relate to.”

Amir has watched cartoons in his childhood instead of films based on superheroes.

'See the same Tom and Jerry or other cartoons in the cartoons. But I was fond of watching a superhero movie a little later. And then it became a hobby that I changed my career."

When Amir was at the Inter, his intention was to do engineering. But with no admission, he chose Media Sciences.

Amir laughed, "What happened might have been great, I'm doing what I want to do now."
"When we look at superhero movies outside, we can understand these characters but they cannot translate our country and our problems," says Amir.

Therefore, while writing the role of a hijab girl belonging to Sukkur, Amir wrote 12 roles. They all belong to the four provinces of Pakistan. Also, worth noting is that these roles also translate to each region.

One of them is the Afsan from Gilgit-Baltistan, who can take the form of Markhur, and after hiding for several years, he returns to the mountains to fight his enemy again.

Besides being an engineer from Baluchistan, the wind can change direction but at the same time she is busy trying to meet the expectations of the people around her.

In addition, there is a girl from Lahore. And where she cares for her three children during the day, she does not shy away from fighting crime at night.

The Marvi of Sindh can kill criminals and enemies with a rally over them.

But often the content of the comic book reflects a world in which anything is possible, rather than the truth. In this backdrop, Amir's character is especially close to the truth.

"It is not as if people will not be able to escape mentally in this story," Amir said. All these characters have the solution to tackle Pakistan's social and mental problems and face their enemies. Such as turning the wind, using the rally against the attacker. '

Umair says that he has tried to convey that the messages received by these characters are superficial and not excessive booklets.

“All these people want to end crime in Pakistan and especially in their region, regardless of their color, race, appearance. This is probably the solution to the problems at the moment. That we should strengthen ourselves mentally. '

Is the comic book market possible in Pakistan?
Coming to the American superheroes franchise such as DC and Marvel's films in Pakistan, comic boxes have gained new prominence and recognition and now there are few shops in the world where comic boxes can be found.

Marvel's superhero Kamal Khan is from Pakistan. As a result, Pakistanis living abroad can feel closer to that role.

Recently, the comic book series of the famous British spy Sherlock Holmes has also been published, which his fans in Pakistan have been waiting patiently for. Since these books are not easy to find here, people order these books from outside or order online.

Amir says that while writing this role, he was thinking that the market for these books was very short.

'But I was very surprised that so much attention was received. Even now, as we are submitting orders, more orders are expected than expected. '

He will publish it in Urdu once the first series is published.


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