Pak Air Force's F-16 plane crashed in Islamabad during the rehearsal of the parade March 23

Pak Air Force's F-16 plane crashed in Islamabad during the rehearsal of the parade March 23

Posted on Mar 11, 2020

In Pakistan, a fighter jet used by Pak Air Force crashed and crashed in the jungle.

A statement issued by the Pak Air Force spokesperson regarding the accident said: "Pak Air Force is reporting with regret that PAF's F-16 aircraft near Shakar Parian in Islamabad fell during the rehearsal of the parade March 23.

"Rescue teams were dispatched to the scene of the crash and the air headquarters has ordered a board of inquiry to determine the cause of the crash," the statement said.

The Pakistan Air Force statement did not say any casualties as a result of the plane crash, but while speaking to Reuters, the spokesman for Pak Air Force said, "We are assessing the damage."

According to the report, immediately after the accident, security forces surrounded the area, while doctors, medical personnel, fire brigade vehicles and ambulances rushed to rescue the accident.

According to reports, smoke was seen from the crash, but no information was provided about the damage caused by the crash.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafat said of the accident and said that the damage caused by the plane was being investigated.

F-16 combat aircraft

It is important to note that the US-made F-16 Falcon fighter jets have the status of multi-roll combat aircraft.

The F-16 Falcon is an engine-propelled aircraft. Mach (Mach 2) can manoeuvre on 9-gravity force (G-force) at speed.

The first flight of the F-16 Falcon, developed by the American company, took place on January 20, 1974, after which the aircraft was incorporated on August 17, 1978 in the US Air Force.

The F-16 Falcon aircraft was developed by US forces in light of the experiences in Korea and the Vietnam War, which included reducing the aircraft's weight and increasing its manoeuvre capacity.

Pakistan first added 45 F-16 aircraft to its fleet in 1983.

If Pakistan needed to increase its capacity to fight terrorism, the United States had resumed supply of F-16 aircraft.

In 2009, a further 14 aircraft were added to the fleet of Pak Airways and 14 F-16 aircraft again in 2010, thus reducing the total number of F-16 aircraft used by Pak Air Force to 68.



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