Oscar Academy Announces New Conditions for 'Best Picture' Nomination

Oscar Academy Announces New Conditions for 'Best Picture' Nomination

Posted on Sep 9, 2020

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the world's most prestigious Oscar-winning film, has announced new conditions for the nomination of 'Best Film' from 2024.

The Oscar Academy announced in June this year that the film would be nominated for the world's most prestigious award in the future. Academy officials had said that the next film to be nominated would be the one whose team would have cast actors of all colors and races on the screen and it would have provided other opportunities to all kinds of people.

However, at the time, the academy did not specify which category the films would be subject to, but now the Oscar Academy has clarified that the conditions are only for the nomination of 'Best Film'.

According to the news agency Reuters, the Oscar Academy in a statement issued on September 8 explained that the film will be nominated for the next 'best film', whose team has selected people of all colors, races, and genders. Not only will there be opportunities for technical services but such people will also be made part of the cast of the film.

The academy explained that from 2024, the 'Best Film' will be nominated by the same team, which will provide internship opportunities during the shooting of the film, including women and transgender people to work in the film or the film's technical team. Will provide opportunities to participate.

This is the first time that the Oscar Academy has announced strict and unique conditions for the nomination of 'Best Film'. The Academy has declared its conditions as a step towards social betterment. Other award-winning organizations, including the Oscars, have generally been accused of ignoring women, transgender people, and black people.

Other organizations, including the Oscars, have been accused of ignoring Asian and African filmmakers and others. Other award-winning organizations, such as the Oscars, have introduced changes to the award nominations in line with modern conditions, with the Berlin Film Festival topping the list of organizations that recently announced the same award for male and female actors. ۔

The Berlin Film Festival administration announced next year that it would end the separate awards for the best actor and best actress, saying that the same award would be given to the best actor without any gender discrimination.

The announcement of the Berlin Festival is being hailed by many and most showbiz personalities believe that there is no such thing as acting. Due to the Corona epidemic, the Oscar academy will be held in April next year with a two-month delay, usually at the end of February.

Similarly, next year the academy will also nominate films for awards, which could not be released in cinemas this year due to Corona.


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