Order to demolish illegal structures in Punjab Colony, Delhi Colony and PNT

Order to demolish illegal structures in Punjab Colony, Delhi Colony and PNT

Order to demolish illegal structures in Punjab Colony, Delhi Colony and PNT
Karachi: Supreme Court orders illegal construction of buildings on Punjab Colony, Delhi Colony, PNT and Gizri Road, saying that taller buildings are becoming illegal in PNT colony, who is allowing buildings to replace quarters of federal employees.

According to the details, a three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed in the Karachi registry heard the motions in Delhi Colony and Punjab Colony. The Chief Justice inquired how the construction was going on in these areas, the Cantonment Board officials said that we are taking action.

The Chief Justice said, tell us how these constructions took place, who gave permission, the Attorney General, who is allowing such construction in the cantonment board, 9, 9 story’s buildings are being constructed, demolish all of them, buildings will also have to be demolished in these areas.

In Punjab Colony, Delhi Colony, PNT ordered to demolish illegal buildings and demolish illegal buildings on the road, saying that buildings are becoming illegal in PNT Colony, who is allowing illegal buildings on federal employees' quarters.

The Attorney General stated that there are many cases under subpoena. How can the order be upheld, on which the Chief Justice said it would operate as such? You will have to take strong action. illegal building construction throughout the colony.

The chief justice ordered that you demolish the high-rise buildings and park, the policeman's car is all but known, let's just leave the government quarters, and demolish the rest.

The Attorney General said that the government could use these high-rise buildings, so the Chief Justice said no, the Attorney General, it is illegal, demolish all.

The Chief Justice said that it is not like the cantonment board, which allows buildings, is your government operating whatever you want, Clifton cantonment board has said we have demolished many buildings, the ground plot is allowed on the residential plot, commercial. Clifton Cantonment Board, allowing for 5-storey building on plots.

Addressing the Council Cantonment Board, the Chief Justice said, "In the world, you are living in, you cannot do anything by speaking English, do we not know what is the truth, can the Clifton Cantonment Board clarify its position, flats are being sold for 50 million, you guys filled up the treasures.
Justice Sajjad Ali Shah said that people are taking their money and filling their treasures, all of which is happening under the noses of your office. The court expressed great indignation at the Board of Directors of Clifton.

The Chief Justice said how these buildings became large buildings, with the permission of the Cantonment Board, the director Clifton Cantonment boards admit that many buildings were illegal.


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