Only Informed on the Army Act Amendment Bill in London, Khawaja Asif

Only Informed on the Army Act Amendment Bill in London, Khawaja Asif

Posted on Jan 9, 2020

Pakistan Muslim League-N senior leader Khawaja Asif revealed that upon arriving in London, PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif had informed the party's decision to support the Army Act Amendment Bill.

In the program 'Off the Record' of the private channel ARY, Khawaja Asif acknowledged that we had been given a party policy on the Army Act Amendment Bill.

He said, "I am not sorry that I received the instructions from London. I have fulfilled it and have spoken to the former Prime Minister in front of the party leaders in (Pakistan)".

At the same time, Khawaja Asif confessed that the Quran was sworn in for not sharing the details of the meeting in London.

He said he did not want to go into details of who disagreed with and supported the Army Act Amendment Bill during a meeting with Nawaz Sharif in London.

Khawaja Asif said, "We object to the election and the person selected from the rig is selected."

However, he was unable to answer who the selector was if a select person was 'selected'.

In addition, he said that 'supporting the bill did not affect party ideology'.

He said that at the party meeting yesterday, I got a lot of criticism and people said, 'Who are you talking to Mian Sahib, I replied that Bani Mian sir'.

Responding to a question, Khawaja Asif said that those who criticize Nawaz Sharif's statement should also see the sacrifices of Nawaz Sharif, who honoured the vote.

Khawaja Asif said that 'no paths are closed in politics'.

He acknowledged that public opinion was going against us.

"At the party meeting, I tried to convince everyone," he said.

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Khawaja Asif said, "I stand by the decision the party made on the bill passed yesterday."

On the question of Maryam Nawaz's refusal to include him in the consultation process, the leader said, "I do not know whether the leader and the President have joined Maryam Nawaz in consultation on the Army Act Amendment Bill. I will not comment on it '.

Responding to a question, Khawaja Asif said, "At the party meeting last night, four people who were with me in London confirmed my position while the allegations continue."

He said that Pervez Rashid's move was a matter of his leadership and I would not call it a decision to support the bill.

Referring to 'space creation' and 'respect for the vote', Khawaja Asif said "ideology is important in politics on which we are based".


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