Only 13 passengers ride in the plane

Only 13 passengers ride in the plane

Only 13 passengers ride in the plane

New York: Only 13 passengers made the flight from the US state of Florida for Vietnam.

On social networking sites, passengers traveling in different planes shared photos inside, which can be seen very few people are traveling.

According to a US media report, after the World Health Organization declared Corona an epidemic, a new wave of fear erupted around the world, Because of that, people started to take precautions themselves.

The flight arrived from Florida to Vietnam and the US state of New York, In which passengers traveled by sitting in their seats.

Remember that security measures are being taken around the world regarding the Coronavirus, one day before US President Trump decided to stop all flights from European countries immediately, while The White House administration has also suspended air operations from Britain and Ireland.

The airlines suffered the most losses due to Corona and they lost 87 billion euros in a few days. Many famous aviation companies, including British Airways, travel quite empty, in which very few passengers sitting in.



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