One hundred newborn babies were dead in a month

One hundred newborn babies were dead in a month

One hundred newborn babies were dead in a month in Kota area of ​​Rajasthan state of India.

According to The Hindu's report, the superintendent of the state-owned JKLon Children's Hospital said the deaths of children were mainly due to being underweight.

In just two days, at least nine newborn deaths have been recorded, he said.

It should be noted that in 48 hours of December 23 and 24, 10 children were killed in the government above hospital after which the opposition sharply criticized Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Hospital officials, on the other hand, said that the number of children killed in public hospital Lone Children during 2019 is lower than in 2018 when one thousand 5 children were killed in one year.

In this regard, a committee comprising parliamentary leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) visited the hospital and expressed concern over the infrastructure there.

It is to be noted that the committee consisted of Lakat Chatterjee, Kanta Kardam and Jascore Mina.

The panel said two to three infants were treated on the bedside and the number of nurses in the hospital was deficient.

Earlier, India's National Rights Protection Act (NCPCR) had given a show-cause notice to the Congress government in the state.

NCPCR chairperson Priyank Kongo said that 'pigs were found walking in the hospital compound'.

On the other hand, a committee of the Rajasthan government had said that there are ample medical facilities available to the newborn.

According to The Hindu's report, a committee has also been constituted under the chairmanship of Chief of the Department of Pediatrics, Amrit Lal Berawa.

Later, he defended the hospital and said that according to the records of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, 20% of infant deaths are acceptable. In contrast, in Kota hospital, the proportion is 10-15% which is not alarming as most The infant was rushed to hospital in critical medical condition.

Kota District Collector Om Kasira also defended the hospital and told the media that preliminary investigations revealed that ten children who died earlier this week were taken to other hospitals in critical condition after being transported to other nearby district hospitals. Had gone.



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