Omni group's sugar mills are running,There is no one to ask them, Jahangir Tareen

Omni group's sugar mills are running,There is no one to ask them, Jahangir Tareen

Posted on Feb 25, 2020

Jahangir Khan Tareen, a senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), welcomed the committee regarding sugar prices and said that the court ordered the Omni group to freeze sugar mills' accounts even though it was running. There is no one to ask them.

Speaking at Dawn News 'News Eye', Jahangir Tareen said that 'there was no wheat crisis, there was a week problem due to two wrong decisions, 8 lakh tonnes of wheat was in storage'.

Responding to the host's question, he said, "I have informed the Prime Minister regarding sugar and welcome the inquiry committee in this regard, there should be milk and water of milk and there will be pressure on the Prime Minister." Yes, I and a few other people from our party are asked about it and it is a good thing to have an inquiry so that people's mouths are closed and one thing will come out. '

He said, "I have 6 mills and the remaining 80 mills are Asif Ali Zardari and others. An interesting thing to record online is that Omni Group has 7 to 9 mills, the court has decided to close the mills and freeze their accounts. Ordered but she is still going today and there is no questioning. '

Leader PTI said, "Ask them, meet everyone in Sindh, there is no one to dare to go, I am telling the record, running a contractor, everybody knows the names and there I am." We have sent people to go and catch them. '

On the question of sugarcane farmers, he said, 'Go to the farmers and ask them how much money they are getting and calculate them'.


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