Now New York authorities have decided to build the world's tallest prison

Now New York authorities have decided to build the world's tallest prison

Posted on Dec 13, 2019

New York: The American city of New York, known for its skyscraper buildings, is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Now New York authorities have decided to build the world's tallest prison, which will have 45 floors, and move detainees to various prisons.

The jail will be a masterpiece of technology in everything from its construction to security arrangements (though not many details were given). It is, however, certain that it will be made strong enough to survive even in severe explosions and earthquakes. It is also possible that the prisoners will be provided with limited access to the internet through their remote loved ones but in the meantime, security will be ensured.

Currently, on an island near New York, there is a prison called "Rikers Island Complex", covering an area of 43 acres where 7,000 prisoners from 11 different prisons are kept. But now the plan is to eliminate the prison and replace it with a 45-story jail in central New York City. Not only that, a proposal to create similar skate buses in three other New York state cities is being considered.
Humanitarian and social rights groups in the United States are facing severe criticism, saying prisoners have better opportunities to walk in an open space, affecting their health as they grow older. Is not, On the contrary, being imprisoned in a high-rise building in a small space restricts their walking, which will have a negative impact on their health. Some say that a high-rise prison building should not be built inside the city, no matter how sophisticated technology may be.

In response to that criticism, Mayor New York has issued an announcement stating that their main purpose is to reduce crime so that at least people will be jailed.

Special programs for mental training and psychological rehabilitation of the offenders are expected to continue in all these prisons.

According to the latest reports, New York authorities have decided to reduce the height of these buildings to 29 stories, and they are expected to be completed by 2026.




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