Now a Google Assistant will be able to Read English writing in Urdu

Now a Google Assistant will be able to Read English writing in Urdu

Google has introduced a 'gift' for Urdu speakers in the form of a digital assistant who reads the contents of web pages out loud.

Google announced a feature for Google Assistant at CES in January that allows content for web pages to be heard aloud to users.

Almost two months later, Google has introduced this feature for all Android smartphone users.

This new feature called Read Out Loud, gives users a web page or news or blog out loud, all they have to say is 'Google, Read This Page' or 'Google, Read It'.

By doing so, the Google Assistant begins to describe the content of the webpage.

But this new feature is not limited to, but when a user asks a Google Assistant to read a web page, he/she automatically scrolls the page and highlights the words and sounds aloud.

Users can change Google Assistant's reading speed, while also choosing the voice of their choice.

According to the company, this assistant will listen to webpages aloud with feedback and natural sounds and it will feel as if you are repeating your own writing aloud.

But it is not necessary to listen to English content in English, but the user can instruct Google Assistant to read the web pages in their native language.

This feature supports 42 languages, including Urdu, and by selecting the language of your choice in the Translation menu, users will be able to automatically translate all pages and the content in their preferred language.

This feature is starting to roll out to users and will be available on your phone in the next few days if it doesn't reach you.


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