No-confidence Motion: Showbiz Personalities Advise Imran Khan Not To Panic

No-confidence Motion: Showbiz Personalities Advise Imran Khan Not To Panic

Posted on Apr 4, 2022

Showbiz personalities have advised Imran Khan not to panic as the National Assembly is likely to vote today on a no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister. The United Opposition had filed a no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister in the National Assembly on March 8 last month, which was first met on March 25 but could not be voted on. Even after that, the no-confidence motion was not voted in the sessions of the National Assembly, but today it is even possible to vote on it.

On the eve of the vote of no-confidence, showbiz figures have once again expressed support for the prime minister, urging him not to panic. Actor Faisal Qureshi shared a short video in support of the Prime Minister and addressed Imran Khan saying, “Earlier he used to tell the nation not to panic, now the nation is telling the Prime Minister not to panic.

He further said in the short video that the whole nation is with Imran Khan and at the same time he prayed for the success of the Prime Minister.

Senior actor Shaan Shahid, who has been openly supporting the Prime Minister from the very beginning, has supported Imran Khan in various posts since the no-confidence motion was introduced. He also met the Prime Minister and assured him of his support.

Senator Faisal Javed Khan while sharing a photo of Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar and Shaan Shahid meeting with the Prime Minister said that showbiz personalities assured Imran Khan of their support. Actress Veena Malik also supported the Prime Minister and advised him not to panic. She addressed the Prime Minister and tweeted: '

Veena Malik even advised Imran Khan to start a revolutionary movement with the strength of the people. He further wrote, "Who has been giving relief to the thieves, who are the hands behind this movement, the people know, they just want to hear their names from your mouth, don't wait for the next election, your people's power." Start a revolutionary movement through.

In another tweet, he appealed to the people to leave their homes on the call of protest of the Prime Minister. Senior actress Samina Pirzada also supported Imran Khan without naming him and tweeted that "the difference between the leader of a begging nation and the leader of an independent nation is obvious, the rest of you are all-wise".

Aiman Khan wrote in his Instagram story in support of the Prime Minister that "no matter how much Imran Khan tries to bring down, Imran Khan will come out of every house".

Zara Noor Abbas also supported the Prime Minister and announced to support him and wrote that he is with Imran Khan.

Drama maker Noorul Huda Shah slammed the critics of showbiz personalities for supporting Prime Minister Imran Khan on behalf of showbiz personalities and argued that the way other people can express themselves in the politics of their country is the same. Actors can do the same.






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