Nirmala Maghani Sends Notice to Zulfi for Stealing 'To Jhoom' Lyrics.

Nirmala Maghani Sends Notice to Zulfi for Stealing 'To Jhoom' Lyrics.

Posted on Jan 26, 2022

Nirmala Maghani, a young singer from the Umerkot district of Sindh, sent a legal notice to Zulfiqar Ali Khan alias Zulfi, a well-known musician and producer of Coke Studio Season 14, for stealing the lyrics of 'To Jhoom'.

According to news, Nirmala Maghani sent a notice to Zulfi's music production company Giraffe Pakistan, the co-production company of Coke Studio Season 14.

On behalf of Nirmala Maghani, lawyer Faraz Fahim Siddiqui has sent a notice to Zulfi asking him to provide a reply within a limited time.

In the notice sent by the Sindh singer, the musician has been told that if he fails to respond within the stipulated time, Nirmala Maghani will file a claim of Rs. 1 billion against him.

A notice sent by the singer on January 24 states that Nirmala Maghani contacted musician Zulfi to work on Coke Studio Season 14 and sent him the lyrics of her song on WhatsApp.

So Jhoom is sung by Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal. 

The notice states that Nirmala Maghani sent Zulfi the song 'To Meera Ranjha' on June 14, 2021, after which there was some discussion between the musician and the singer, but then in Coke Studio Season 14 'To Jhoom'. The song was released, which is a copy of the singer's lyrics from Sindh.

In the notice, Zulfi has been asked to stop using the music of 'To Jhoom', as he has violated Pakistani copyright laws by stealing other people's tunes.

While Zulfi has been advised not to use music through the notice, he has also been asked to respond; otherwise, he has been threatened to file a claim for Rs 1 billion in damages against him.

On the other hand, Zulfi's music production company Griff Pakistan, while confirming the receipt of the notice, said that the notice of Nirmala Maghani is being reviewed legally.

The company said in a brief statement that Zulfi's lawyers would review Nirmala Maghani's notice and respond legally.


It may be recalled that 'To Jhoom' was released on January 14 under Coke Studio Season 14, sung by Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal and set to music by Zulfi.

After the song's release, Nirmala Maghani had claimed that the lyrics of 'To Jhoom' had been stolen from her 'Dhan', which she had sent to Zulfi as a sample.

After Nirmala Maghani's claim, Zulfi had denied the allegations of stealing money.

However, Nirmala Maghani sent him a legal notice for stealing money, which Zulfi also received.



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