News agency hacked, US army not withdrawing, Kuwait

News agency hacked, US army not withdrawing, Kuwait

Posted on Jan 9, 2020

Kuwait rejected news of the US Gulf decision to withdraw its troops, saying the state news agency was hacked, causing false news.

Kuwaiti government spokesman Tariq Al-Mazarm said in a statement that Kuwait News Agency's Twitter account was hacked and reports regarding the intention of returning US troops were false, foreign news agency AFP reported. Was'.

The news agency confirmed that the website was hacked and made it clear that the news was not released on the wire.

It should be noted that Kuwait's state news agency 'Kuwait News Agency' tweeted that the commander of the US forces in the UAE has informed the Kuwaiti Defense Minister that he intends to return to Arifjan Base in three days.

The news agency's news was published in both English and Arabic but it was deleted within minutes.

On the other hand, the United States announced last week that it would deploy 3,000 more troops in the Middle East, which was expected in response to the death of Iranian general Qasim Sulaimani in Baghdad.

The Kuwaiti news agency's case came after a US letter that apparently indicated the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, but the White House and the Pentagon called the letter a mere draft, saying no such No plan.

It is to be noted that the Arafjan base of Kuwait extends 70 km to the south of the capital, which is close to the Saudi Arabian border and which is the central base of Kuwait in the United States.

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According to the report, thousands of US troops are present at Arifjan Base and used as a base for sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kuwait and the United States are tied to a 10-year defence agreement that will expire in 2022.

The two countries signed the treaty initially after the Gulf War in 1991, under which the US-led World Forces terminated Iraqi troops from Kuwait seven months later.

Iraqi army chief General Qasim Sulaimani was killed in a US airstrike January 3 by the Iraqi parliament by his Iraqi government, demanding US troops evacuate from the Middle East, after which the US letter began circulating in the media ۔

After the death of General Qasim Sulaimani, uncertainty erupted in the Middle East and other countries, including Pakistan, issued a travel warning to their citizens.

NATO member states have announced to send its troops from Iraq to Kuwait and other countries, including Croatia, Canada and other countries including Germany


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