New traffic law introduced in Saudi Arabia

New traffic law introduced in Saudi Arabia

Posted on Feb 24, 2020

New traffic law introduced in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: The Saudi Police Department of Traffic Police has made it clear that instead of focusing only on the traffic signal, the traffic officer's signal should also be heeded, otherwise heavy fines could be encountered.

According to the Saudi website, Saudi traffic police sources say that violating the directives of a traffic police officer on certain highways would be a traffic violation.

This violation can be invoiced from 500 to 900 rials.

Traffic police have stated in their Twitter account that traffic personnel are assigned in certain locations if needed, who continue the flow of traffic on their own, even in the presence of a traffic signal.

According to the traffic police, drivers should pay attention to the signal of the traffic officer rather than the traffic signal, who is regulating the traffic according to the situation.

Traffic police have said that disobeying the traffic officer's signal as per Section 7 of the law would be a violation of the law. And those who do not could be charged up to 900 rials.

Remember that the Department of Traffic had enacted the Traffic Law in early January 2020, warning that there were penalties of up to 20,000 rials for dangerous traffic violations.


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