New term for smart lockdown and our one and a half intelligence

New term for smart lockdown and our one and a half intelligence

Posted on Apr 27, 2020

If the thinking is wise and the action is clumsy, then where is the work? In fact, we are talking about our own.

The talk of smart lockdown is commonplace these days. From Imran Khan onwards, Latif is talking about the idea that can bridge the gap between human life and sustenance.

Pairing the word smart with a noun or verb is generally considered a smart or clever thing to do and just adding that word takes four moons of your opinion and they are the center of everyone's attention. 

The thing is, adding smart doesn't make your idea or opinion really smart. In the present context, it would be wise to resolve the confusion of the meaning and concept that we have created on the idea of ​​lockdown only before we are happy with the idea of ​​lockdown.

Until a few months ago, we only heard the word lockdown in Hollywood action movies. In which the heavy and cruel-looking villain when the hero tries to escape from his place after getting what the screenplay writer said, he sees it and shouts "Lock it down"! (All doors should be closed!)

When the villain's orders resounded on the big loudspeakers in the cinema, the iron gates and bars on the curtains began to close loudly, while the hero or heroine dropped the door and wall with a bomb and jumped at the enemy's clutches at full speed. It seems busy trying to get out. But we all know what will happen to this scene. Finally, with just a few inches to go before the iron door closes, the hero hurriedly jumps out and slips out from under the door. You see, even in movies, lockdown doesn't stop people from going out.

And it so happened that the word jumped straight from the silver screen into our vocabulary without much warning. So while the world was dealing with the virus, on the one hand, we were looking for the right interpretation of lockdown.

Our leaders then entertained us by introducing us to the higher generations of Lockdown and a world was revealed to us where there was a difference between the practice of Sindh and the practice and thought of Islamabad.

But it was interesting to note that the difference was not a real difference, because a lockdown is a lockdown that involves a lockdown. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain't for me either. Oh God, these words and their meanings will take our lives.

So when death came to us, most of us did what we often do in times of crisis, that is, we did nothing. Well, that's not entirely true. Carrying the burden of responsibility, some of us gathered the others in front of the cameras and then a series of interpretations of the lockdown began.

So what is the difference between curfew lockdown and non-curfew lockdown? Well yes, even a seemingly curfew locks down. Now, in this situation, it is clear that we cannot afford lockdown. Look, we do not know which lockdown we are talking about, so how can it be implemented. Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. By the way, if this matter was so simple, wouldn't Sindh do it?

Stop wait

After 6 and a half weeks of vigilance, we are now talking about a sudden smart lockdown. But then as you know there is a curfew lockdown which you must know is different from a curfew lockdown, which is different ...

But if our tank of courage is so full that it is about to explode, then things do not need to change. If the intention is just courage, willpower, and a glorious attitude, then it doesn't matter how the virus is being fought.

Now smart means attractive. The attraction now demands new work. We also saw that work in the form of TTQ. So the next time someone asks you how you are dealing with the virus, you can tell them with the help of TTQ.







Sania Sehar

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