Nabil's Family Demands Justice

Nabil's Family Demands Justice

The family of a young man killed by police near the Cantonment Railway station in Karachi has demanded a high-level inquiry into the incident and urged the Chief Justice Pakistan to hear the case on a priority basis.

Sister and mother of the deceased teenager Nabil Hood bay held a press conference at the Karachi Press Club, where they expressed dissatisfaction over the speed of inquiry into the teen's murder.

Nabil's mother said, "My son was a British citizen" but I did not seek help from the UK. We need justice for Nabil as he is given on such occasions around the world.

He also said that his son was a sportsman who was brutally killed by the police but till now the senior ruler has not shown any interest in punishing the killers.

He added that Nabeel's murder was not the first case "because the police have become brutal, especially in the south of the district." And no law prevents the police from firing on unarmed civilians.

Mother Nabil said that the policemen who shot Nabal escaped on the spot instead of shifting him to the hospital in critical condition, and despite a week passed, the police did not make concrete progress in resolving the case. ۔

He further said, "There is no safe in Pakistan as there is no one to ask why these guards became our killers. The police are not doing anything yet. We have hoped for institutions for justice."

He said that none of the personnel involved in the incident have been suspended so far and also appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to play his role in bringing justice to his son.

"Prime Minister Imran Khan should wake up after the incident. I want revenge for the murder. I do not want any other mother to lose her son in the hands of these killers," he said.

Nabil's mother further said that I lost my only son, for whom I do not want anyone to apologize, and justice should be the one who fulfills his obligation.

He demanded the Chief Minister to form a high-level committee to investigate the Nabeel murder case.

At the press conference, Nabil's sister said that his brother was a law-abiding citizen of Pakistan and he had never committed a crime that cost him so much Indian money, he said, "I have done justice to Nabil. Beg for '

It is believed that police personnel opened fire on a car in Karachi which resulted in the death of a man named Nabeel Hood Bhai while another was injured.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) South Shiraz Nazir said the passing police officers were chasing the victims, but they opened fire on the vehicle while it was standing.


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