Myanmar forces commit 'war crimes' against Rohingya, the commission says

Myanmar forces commit 'war crimes' against Rohingya, the commission says

Posted on Jan 22, 2020

NEPETAU: The Independent Commission, set up by the Myanmar government, has come to the conclusion that there are reasons to believe that war crimes were committed in the operations carried out against the protesters, leading to 7 million Rohingya Muslims. The neighbouring country had to go to Bangladesh.

However, the report given to President OneMont, the commission's chief Philippine diplomat, said there was no evidence to support such allegations that the Rohingya were genocidal or planned.

The Associated Press (AP) report of the US news agency reported that the Independent Commissioner of Inquiry communicated its investigation through a statement on the Facebook page but its full report was not released publicly.

Nevertheless, any public statement issued by the Myanmar government indicating that government forces have committed major crimes has escalated.

The report said that in 2017, although war crimes, serious human rights and local law violations were committed by various elements, there were reasonable grounds to believe that members of Myanmar's security forces were involved.

It added that 'some members of Myanmar's security forces killed innocent villagers and destroyed their homes through inappropriate use of force during internal armed conflict'.

The statement came ahead of a UN Supreme Court decision that is scheduled for the Jamaat and urged Myanmar to stop what is described as a genocidal campaign against the Rohingya.

It should be noted that on the basis of allegations by the Islamic Cooperation Organization of 57 countries that genocide in Myanmar is still ongoing, Gambia went to the International Court of Justice in Holland last year for legal action.

At a preliminary hearing in the case in December, Myanmar's leader, State Counsellor Aung Sang Sochi, strongly denied the government forces doing anything wrong.

In Buddhist-majority Myanmar, the Rohingya have long been regarded as the 'Bengali' of Bangladesh, although their families have been living in the country for a long time since 1982 they have been denied citizenship. While also depriving them of the state and denying their free movement and other basic rights.


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