Mustafa Jaan E Rehmat Praised in the Voice of 'Powri Girl'

Mustafa Jaan E Rehmat Praised in the Voice of 'Powri Girl'

Mustafa Jaan E Rehmat's words are being appreciated by Dananeer Mobeen, who became a star after a mere 5-second video 'Pawri hori hai' went viral on social media earlier this year. Dananeer Mobeen shared a video on Instagram on February 6 this year saying, "Ye ham hain ye hamari car hai or ye pawri hori hai," which became popular all over the world.

After the said short video, the number of followers of Dananir Mobin on social media had also increased to 1.4 million and he was also seen in various TV programs. After the short video went viral, Dananir Mubeen was nicknamed 'Pawri Girl' and appeared in various projects with various actors. Now she has shared on Instagram the video of the song 'Mustafa Jaan E Rehmat' sung by the famous singer Atif Aslam in his voice, which is being appreciated a lot.

Sharing a video of the speech on Instagram, Dananir Mubeen also mentioned Atif Aslam in the post and at the same time wrote that she is trying to recite the speech humbly on the holy night of Laylat-ul-Qadr and if she makes a mistake in the meantime, Be sorry

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After Dananir shared his humble words, other personalities including actress Hania Amir and Asher Wajahat also praised her while her fans also praised his voice. In just one day, the video of Dananeer's speech was viewed nearly 500,000 times while dozens of people made appreciative comments on him.

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Atif Aslam's song 'Mustafa Jaan E Rehmat' sung by Dananeer Mobeen was released by the singer recently. Atif Aslam has beautifully sung 'Mustafa Jaan E Rehmat' along with five other singers and it was released in mid-April on the occasion of the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan.

Along with Atif Aslam, Ali Pervaiz Mehdi, Noman Javed, Ahsan Pervaiz Mehdi, and Kamil Jafari had read the said Kalam while the people liked the Kalam very much and it was also a trend on social media.


Pawri hori hai Dananeer

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