Mushahidullah Khan accused law minister for intimidating, threatening

Mushahidullah Khan accused law minister for intimidating, threatening

Posted on Jan 24, 2020

Mushahidullah Khan's law minister accused of intimidating, threatening
During the meeting of the upper house, PML-N's Mushahidullah Khan spoke about the law of the ministry and said that the former chief justice also said that the ministry should check the degrees of lawmakers.

"The La Department means the Minister of Law and the Attorney General, some of the bills of promotion that we sent to the committees," he said.

Mushahidullah Khan claimed that Frogh Naseem persecuted him so badly that I was threatened, the law minister threatened to remember that, the law minister is the one who gave Nelson Mandela's statement and has not yet explained. In front of me, they say I'll see.

He said that those who have been doing this in Karachi for 25, 30 years, I was scared because the sacks of bodies were found in Karachi. People in the municipality factory were burned while the lawyer was burnt.

The PML-N leader further said that the law minister threatened a parliamentary leader, I do not know that I do not threaten and do not take.

He further criticized the minister for promotion of law and said that the minister had taken up the new work of the ordinance, adding that the law should explain to which party he was from because his party president had resigned and the minister Sitting in the law cabinet

Exchanging bitter sentences between Barrister Saif and Mushahidullah

During this time, bitter sentences were exchanged between Mushahidullah Khan and United National Movement (MQM) Senator Barrister Saif.

Barrister Saif said that if there was no talk of the party in the House, then there would be a new debate if there was talk of the parties.

He criticized that our leader was Nelson Mandela, so is your (George) George Washington sitting in London.

At the same time, Shabali Faraz, who was present at the meeting, made it clear on the statement of Mushahidullah that Law Minister Farogh Naseem did not make any personal threat...




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