More than one million Corona virus patients in Europe

More than one million Corona virus patients in Europe

Posted on Mar 20, 2020

As of the morning of March 20, the number of Coronavirus patients had increased to 2 million 44 thousand 532 worldwide, of which more than one million patients belonged to European countries only.

Of the more than 244,000 patients worldwide, 81000 are in China, while more than1,2000 are from European countries.

After China, the Coronavirus is now spreading rapidly to European countries, especially countries on the Mediterranean coast, including Italy, Spain and France.

According to a joint online map of the Corona Virus World Health Organization (WHO) and other global health-related organizations, including the US Health Organization, the number of virus patients in Europe is estimated at 100,000 Had exceeded.

In Italy alone, the number of Coronavirus patients rose to 41,035 in Italy and the death toll was over 3400, and the deaths in Italy are higher than in China.

Corona virus is spreading rapidly in other European countries like Spain and Italy and Germany has become Europe's third largest affected country with 15,320 patients.


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