Milk prices drop when demand falls due to lockdown

Milk prices drop when demand falls due to lockdown

KARACHI: Due to the closure of tea hotels during lockdown due to the Coronavirus, the consumption of milk has been seeing a significant drop and prices of fresh milk have also come down.

In this regard, Abdul Wahab, a dairy farmer, and wholesale supplier said that the closure of tea hotels has reduced the consumption of milk and other fresh goods.

Asked about problems with the sale of milk during the lockdown in downtown, he said that the lockdown caused some problems with transportation, but overall the situation was better.

It is understood that the government has closed all tea hotels, stalls and shops in Lucy due to the Coronavirus in Karachi.

On the other hand, Mohammad Ramadan, a milk vendor, said that milk prices saw a 30-40 percent drop, and milk with Rs 110 per liter was sold at Rs 70 per liter during those two days.

Milk vendors have also put banners and posters on their shops to reduce the price of milk so that they can become the focus of customers.

In addition, many vendors have also developed special offers to increase sales, while milk vendors are also offering 250 to 500 milligrams of milk free of charge for buying one liter of milk.


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