Mian Mansha Ask the government to create a 'conducive environment' for business

Mian Mansha Ask the government to create a 'conducive environment' for business

Pakistan's leading entrepreneur and leader of Nishat Group, Mian Mansha, has called on the government to create a conducive environment for the business community so that investors can make all efforts for economic activity in the country.

A dinner was given in honour of President Arif Alvi and his wife by Mian Mansha and business families from Lahore were also invited, according to the statement.

According to the statement, Mian Mansha said that "business communities are key stakeholders and the government needs to hold regular talks with us so that we can focus our efforts on economic development".

"The business community needs a conducive environment where there is freedom from harassment, pressure and bureaucratic tactics so that they can focus all their efforts on enhancing economic activities without which neither growth nor youth can grow," he said. Can find employment '.

The head of the Nishat Group emphasized on the government, saying, "Give unauthorized state institutions in private hands because these tax-driven institutions are going into deficit and saving tax money can be spent for the welfare of the people." '.

Speaking on the occasion, President Arif Alawi in his address assured the business community that difficult times had passed.

The President said, "We are aware that Pakistan is suffering economically but clearly there are positive indications of a difficult time, our economy and our conditions are in the process of recovery".

Addressing the businessmen, he said, "The services of the business community are very valuable in the construction of Pakistan and we urge all of you to be a little more patient as the government's reform program was laid and its results. Are coming'.

He said 'despair and unnecessary criticism of state institutions also need to be avoided'.

Mian Mansha said that governmental measures in security matters have been successful and the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has returned.

Highlighting the importance of Afghanistan's stability, he said, "Peace in Afghanistan is also encouraging and it will improve security and economic activities throughout the region, resulting in improved trade between Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia." Opportunities will arise. '

"It is good for the business community of the two countries and it implies economic development and stability for the people," he said.

During the dinner, Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, Raziqaqar, Koh Noor Group Chairman Tariq Sehgal, Pak Electron Limited Chairman Naseem Sehgal, Siddique Sons Group Chairman Tariq Rafi, Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Chairman Anjum Nizam Nisar, former Kasuri, Nestle Pakistan Chairman Syed Yawar Ali, Ashraf Group Chairman Zaka Ashraf, Royal Fan's Chief Executive Khawar Rafiq and Saifire Group Director Shahid Abdullah and others were also present.


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