Mia Khalifa's TikTok Account Banned in Pakistan

Mia Khalifa's TikTok Account Banned in Pakistan

The short video sharing application TikTok deactivated the account of Lebanese-born sports anchor, model, and actor Mia Khalifa in Pakistan, after which the actress announced to upload content on Twitter for Pakistani fans. While TikTok has removed pornographic and obscene videos from Pakistan in the past few months following court and government orders, TikTok has also deactivated some foreign accounts in Pakistan on which objectionable content has been uploaded.

However, a user informed Mia Khalifa yesterday that her TikTok account has been closed in Pakistan. Mentioning Mia Khalifa on May 23 from a Twitter handle made under a pseudonym, it was tweeted that the Lebanese-born actress had her TikTok account closed in Pakistan and at the same time called such a move a hateful move.

Later, Mia Khalifa retweeted the user's tweet and announced that she would upload content on Twitter for Pakistani users. Mia Khalifa tweeted that she has closed her TikTok account in Pakistan, so from now on, she will upload TikTok content on Twitter for Pakistani fans. After Mia Khalifa's announcement to upload her content on Twitter, several Pakistanis commented on her tweet and told her not to worry, using the Pakistani Fan Virtual Private Network (VPN). Will see their content.

Some people told Mia Khalifa that not only her account but also other tick-tock accounts with controversial content in Pakistan have been deactivated. Some fans told him that he had been misinformed and that his account was running in Pakistan.

Some people made humorous comments on Mia Khalifa's tweet and shared a video of the slogans 'Mian Tere Jan Nisar, Bekheer Bekheer' chanted in the meetings of Pakistan Muslim League-N, assuring them that Pakistanis would sympathize with them. Expressing, they are also ready to sacrifice their lives for them.


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