Mehwish Hayat is still Unhappy with being attractive women in Asia

Mehwish Hayat is still Unhappy with being attractive women in Asia

Posted on Dec 17, 2019

Mehwish Hayat is still Unhappy with being a part of the list of attractive women in Asia
Lahore: Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat is unhappy with making a spot in this year's Top Ten list of attractive women.

British journalist Eastern Eye released a list of 50 attractive women in Asia, in which Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat was named the ninth most attractive woman in Asia this year, which was greeted by her fans, including showbiz industry.
However, Mehwish was happy to make the list on the list and said that they should be happy to be part of Asia's attractive women, but they should be praised for their ability, performance, and community, not by comparing them to each other.
Mehwish Hayat added that I have been receiving various messages of congratulations on joining this list but I am not happy with myself.

Actress to receive Asia's Attractive Female Award in 2019

The actress said that she had earned the honor 10 years ago and she was the first Pakistani woman to make the list. Now the time is changing. We should leave these lists in the past and move on.

It should be noted that Mehwish Hayat is the ninth in the list, while the beautiful actress Mehwish Khan is fourth.


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