Meesha Shafi Gets Relief in 2 Billion Damages Case Filed Against Ali Zafar

Meesha Shafi Gets Relief in 2 Billion Damages Case Filed Against Ali Zafar

Posted on Jan 21, 2022

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) has granted a stay to singer Meesha Shafi's petition against the lower court's order.

Judge Asim Hafeez of Lahore High Court heard Meesha Shafi's plea, during which Meesha Shafi's lawyer Saqib Jilani and others completed their arguments.

After hearing the arguments of all the lawyers, the court accepted Meesha Shafi's plea, after which his case will now be heard in the Sessions Court.

Meesha Shafi has filed a claim for Rs 2 billion in damages against Ali Zafar in the Sessions Court, after which the court adjourned the case in February 2020 after preliminary hearings.

Meesha Shafi had filed a suit against Ali Zafar in Lahore Sessions Court in September 2019 for Rs 2 billion in damages on charges of lying and making statements in the media.

The Sessions Court had ruled that first there would be hearings in the Rs 1 billion compensation case filed by Ali Zafar, and then there would be a decision, after which there would be hearings in Meesha Shafi's case.

Following the Sessions Court's decision, Meesha Shafi had filed a stay order in the Lahore High Court against the lower court's decision.

Several hearings were held at the singer's request, and her lawyers completed their arguments on January 19. The court ruled in Meesha Shafi's favor.

Following the order of the Lahore High Court, the Sessions Court will now hear the case of Meesha Shafi's damages. However, Ali Zafar has the right to approach the Supreme Court to stay the hearing of the case.

Neither Ali Zafar nor his lawyers immediately reacted to the Lahore High Court's decision, but the singers will likely approach the Supreme Court against the decision.

The legal battle between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar is already pending.

The cases of defamation of Rs 1 billion filed by Ali Zafar and a case of systematic campaigning on social media have been pending in two different courts for the last three years.


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