Mark Ruffalo Called Supporting the Palestinians His Mistake

Mark Ruffalo Called Supporting the Palestinians His Mistake

Actor Mark Ruffalo, who portrayed the Hulk in films such as "The Avengers," "Thor: Ragnarok," "Captain Marvel," "Avengers and Game," "Avengers of Ultron," and "Iron Man 3,". Mark Ruffalo posted a link to an online petition in reaction to Israel's latest violence in Palestine, which was put on Israel after the genocidal protests in South Africa, in a tweet on May 11 this month.

In a tweet, Mark Rafalo said that 1,500 Palestinians had been displaced, 200 protesters had been injured, and nine children had been killed as a result of recent Israeli operations. In a tweet, he posted a link to the online petition, claiming that it was blocked to stop the genocide of black people in South Africa, from which he benefited.

He demanded sanctions against Israel and South Africa in exchange for a free Palestine. He has since apologized and confessed his error in criticizing Israel in an old tweet. Mark Ruffalo apologized in a tweet on May 25 for his latest tweet about Israel, in which he said that Israel was committing "genocide."

He explained that he did not want to write in this manner and that his previous tweet was based on provocation. Mark Ruffalo wrote that his previous message was seen as "anti-Semitic" by some and that it was beyond time to stop pushing one's will on others.

Fans were also irritated when Mark Rafalo referred to his old tweet as anti-Israel and apologized for defending Palestinians. Some people responded to her tweet by telling her that her first tweet was right and the current one was incorrect and that she should apologize for the new one rather than the old one.

Some people reminded the actor that Zionism's true goal was to genocide Arab people and push them out of their homeland, so calling Israel's acts genocide is accurate.


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