Mariyam Nafees: Bold Fashion & Strong Critics’ Responses

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Mariyam Nafees - Bold Fashion & Strong Critics

Pakistani actress Mariyam Nafees recently found herself at the centre of controversy after posting photos and videos from her trip to London, which depicted her in what some social media users described as bold outfits. The images, particularly one of Mariyam Nafees enjoying ice cream, sparked criticism.

As the photos circulated, the actress faced significant backlash for choosing a short dress, with some commenters questioning her attire in the context of her cultural and religious identity. Many social media users pointed out the perceived double standard where foreign women visiting Pakistan tend to wear full traditional dresses, whereas Pakistani women abroad might choose more revealing outfits.


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Responding to the criticism, Mariyam Nafees issued pointed replies that quickly went viral. She addressed the deeper societal issues in Pakistan, suggesting that the scrutiny and harsh judgment she faced were reflective of a broader problem of how women are perceived and treated. In Pakistan, men stare at women with dirty eyes and torture them, so women there are forced to cover their bodies completely, she wrote in one of her responses.

Mariyam Nafees Strong Critics' Responses

Another comment aimed at provoking the actress about her dietary preferences was met with a sharp retort from Mariyam Nafees, who criticized the invasive nature of such questions and the mentality behind them.

Despite the backlash, several social media users rallied to support Mariyam Nafees, advocating for a more tolerant view that respects personal choices. They argued that if one cannot appreciate the content, at the very least, they should refrain from criticizing it.

Mariyam Nafees Bold Fashion

The incident highlights ongoing debates about cultural expectations, personal freedom, and the role of social media in shaping public discourse around these issues. Mariyam Nafees’ forthright responses to her critics not only underline her resolve but also reflect broader tensions within Pakistani society regarding modernity, tradition, and the rights of women.

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