man in Karachi allegedly committed suicide

man in Karachi allegedly committed suicide

A middle-aged man in Karachi allegedly committed suicide due to severe financial difficulties that failed to meet his family's needs.

According to police, the deceased was about 40 years old and was a resident of Ibrahim Haidri area with four children.

Police officials said the victim sprayed kerosene on himself and set him on fire, after which he was taken to the Burnham Center at Dr. Ruth Fau Civil Hospital, where he died on Thursday morning.

65 percent of the body was burned due to autopsy.

Station House Officer (SHO) Raza Solangi of Ibrahim Haidari Police Station said that after entering the hospital, Mutofi had recorded his statement to the police officer.

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He cited the deceased as saying that he was tired of unemployment and poverty and decided to end his life, while he was doing garbage and driving a donkey.

The victim's son told that he had asked his father to buy warm clothes to wear to school a few days ago.

A letter for Prime Minister Imran Khan's address was found in his pocket, in which he wrote that he was very poor so he should be provided employment and housing.

The police officer said that he had also told his brothers about a suicide note written at a Sufi elder's shrine and said that his brother had taken the note from there.

However, SHO Raza Solangi said police did not find any such note written before the suicide.



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