Malaysia's new Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin takes oath

Malaysia's new Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin takes oath

Former Malaysian Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has sworn in as the country's new prime minister after Mahathir Mohamed's resignation, while the former prime minister has declared the move illegal.

According to the news agency AFP, Mohiuddin is in fact the head of the Mahathir Mohammed party, and after he took over as Prime Minister, the United Malay National Organization (UMNO) is back in power. After losing the elections in 2018, he lost power.

Raines announced a separation from the government alliance this week, with which the coalition government ended.

In 2018, Mahathir Mohammed achieved a historic victory in the elections by forming an alliance with Anwar Ibrahim, and after the country's independence in 1957, the ruling party defeated the United Malay National Organization (UMNO) and formed a new government. Lee was.

The world's leading political leader Mahathir Mohammed had expressed his desire to come back to power after resigning from the Prime Minister but had to face failure at the hands of Muhyiddin Yassin, who heads the country's Muslim-majority coalition.

After King nominated Muhyiddin Yassin as the candidate of the Chief Minister of the province on Saturday, Mahathir claimed that he had the support of the majority of the people and people across the country started protesting, declaring the king's decision an anti-democracy move. Had done.

Before taking the oath of Muhyiddin Yassin, Mahathir Mohammad accused him of cheating, saying he would challenge the new prime minister's support vote, which is likely to intensify the current political crisis in the country.

He said that it was a strange thing that failed people were forming a government and successful people were in opposition.

Mohiuddin's alliance also includes former Prime Minister Najib Razak's party United Malay National Organization (UMNO), with several members running corruption cases.

Muhyiddin Yassin took an oath of office at the royal palace on Sunday, despite Mahathir Mohammed's practical demonstration of the majority of the people at the closing moments.

To become prime minister, a candidate has to prove to the king that he has the backing of at least 112 members of the assembly.

Despite the king's appointment of Muhyiddin Yassin as the Prime Minister, the people refused to accept him as the Prime Minister and are reacting strongly to the decision.

In Malaysia, the social networking site has been trending the hashtag 'Not My PM' on Twitter, and more than a million people have signed a petition stating that the move There is a betrayal of the voters' choice in the 2018 elections.

Mahathir Mohammed, who was the prime minister from 1981 to 2003, was re-elected as prime minister two years ago, and he expressed fresh concern that the new government could affect the billions of dollars worth of scandal cases against Najib. ۔

Experts say that Muhyiddin Yassin's government is in a weak position because it is unclear whether they have a government majority and they are just the head of a small party without the support of the majority.

It is understood that the new prime minister of Malaysia, Muhyiddin Yassin, was considered one of the most important leaders of the UMNO, but in 2015 Najib Razak was fired for criticizing the corruption scandal after which Mahathir Mohammed Had won the historic election by uniting with Muhammad and ending Najib's rule.


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