Mai Tumhary Liye Chand Tor Laon Ga, Pakistani Boy Turned This Sentence Into Reality

Mai Tumhary Liye Chand Tor Laon Ga, Pakistani Boy Turned This Sentence Into Reality

Posted on Sep 22, 2020

A young Pakistani boy buys a piece of the moon as a gift for his wife on his wedding anniversary. Ordinary people say this phrase out of love for their beloved that I will break the moon for you (Mai tumhary liye chand tor laon ga), but here the Pakistani boy has turned this phrase into reality.

Sohaib Ahmed, 23, from Rawalpindi, Pakistan, got married to Madiha, 26, six months ago and since his marriage will be one year after six months, he Already bought a gift and decided to give it to his wife on that special day.

Sohaib Ahmed said he acquired an acre of the moon for his wife Madiha through a company, valued at $ 45. He said that some people may think this is a lie and fabrication but they also have papers of the earth on their moon.

News of buying land on the moon for his wife is circulating on social media, to which consumers are also reacting.

A Twitter user named Habiba shared a picture of Sohaib Ahmed and his wife Madiha on his Twitter account and wrote in a questioning manner that Pakistani boy Shoaib Ahmed has bought an acre of land on the moon for his wife Madiha. Is this really true??

Users are making shocking and funny comments on this post of a user named Habiba while some people are calling it false news.

It should be noted that nowadays it is becoming common to take ownership of the moon land. Earlier this year, Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who committed suicide by committing suicide, also got a part of the moon in his name while Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan Have also acquired their property on the moon.


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