Madiha Imam: Insights on Relations with Indian Citizens

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Madiha Imam: Insights on Relations with Indian Citizens

Actress Madiha Imam recently shared insights into her personal life, revealing details about her relationship and marriage with Moji Basar in an interview with Fuchsia magazine. Their initial connection began in 2015 on the set of the Bollywood film Dear Maya, where Basar worked as an assistant director.

The couple’s romance eventually faded, but they reconnected in 2021 when Basar reached out for a work-related matter. This reconnection sparked their relationship anew, leading them to decide on marriage swiftly.

Madiha Imam Marriage with Moji Basar

The marriage discussions progressed quickly, with their parents meeting in Dubai within nine months to finalize plans. However, Madiha Imam’s father’s road accident and subsequent illness temporarily delayed the marriage.

After their legal marriage in Dubai in May 2023, the couple held a celebratory ceremony in India. Madiha Imam described the ceremony as warm and respectful, with her in-laws treating her like a film heroine.

Madiha Imam's Husband

Madiha Imam also addressed her husband’s professional and personal background in the interview. Basar is involved in Bollywood film production and is a mixed martial arts trainer from Arunachal Pradesh. Despite the public interest, she chose not to disclose her husband’s religion, responding to past accusations and clarifying that he is not Hindu.


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This interview marks the first extensive public discussion Madiha Imam has had about her husband since their marriage, shedding light on their personal and romantic journey together.

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