Lockdown is temporary solution to Coronavirus crisis: PM Imran Khan

Lockdown is temporary solution to Coronavirus crisis: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said on the first day of the end of lockdown across the country that the international community is also recognizing that lockdown is a temporary solution to the crisis caused by the coronavirus.

Imran Khan said that the lockdown was lifted due to the poor and continued economic activities while taking precautionary measures to curb the rise in the number of coronaviruses in the country.

"It has been recognized internationally that lockdown is a temporary solution to the coronavirus crisis," he said while chairing a meeting on the coronavirus situation in the country.

"We have relaxed the lockdown restrictions in view of the plight of the people, the daily wage earners, and the hunger of the poor," he said.

It may be recalled that the Prime Minister had announced a lockdown in the country on Thursday, May 7, and Monday, May 11 was the first day when markets and business centers were open from early morning till 5 pm.

However, on the very first day, it was observed that on the first day after the end of the lockdown, the public did not pay attention to the standard operating procedures (SOPs), especially in the markets and shops.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that with the implementation of lockdown, implementation of SOPS was mandatory.

After receiving some complaints regarding the testing of the global epidemic, the Prime Minister said that the concerns expressed by some sections of the society should be addressed.
And when people feel the symptoms of the disease, they should be asked to get tested for COVID 19.

The Prime Minister reiterated that if the patients of COVID 19 do not want to be admitted to the hospital and stay informal quarantine centers, they should be given the option of self-imposed quarantine at home.

On the issue of availability of ventilators for the critically ill, the Prime Minister directed the concerned authorities to ensure the best possible use of ventilators and their availability for the patients of Corona.

The meeting also reviewed the provision of personal protective equipment to doctors and medical staff and briefed the Prime Minister on the steady increase in the number of Coronavirus victims in the country.


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