'Life was at risk from video viralists' : Rabi Pirzada

'Life was at risk from video viralists' : Rabi Pirzada

Posted on Feb 10, 2020

Pakistan's leading singer and actress Rabi Pirzada has said good-bye to the showbiz after his videos were leaked on social media last year, after which he announced his life by following Islamic teachings.

It may be recalled that the actress, who had announced the release of the show after her personal photos and videos were leaked last year, also said in some interviews that she had spoken to her in occupied Kashmir.

Rabi Pirzada had been active on social media for a few months before the Nude videos were leaked and have been criticizing India for having abolished the Kashmir Valley's special status.

He also approached the FIA's cybercrime wing after leaking videos and photos.

And now the actress revealed in an interview that the FIA ​​had tracked down her video leakers, but took no action because of the threat to her life.

In an interview to Voice of America, Rabi Pirzada revealed that the FIA ​​had detected Nude video leakers, but was told that taking action against them could endanger their lives.

Rabi Pirzada said, "I have left my case to Allah. He will make a better decision."

Referring to the showbiz, Rabi Pirzada said: "Showbiz is over for me, after all the offers I made in these four months, people have started to think of me as crazy".

According to him, 'I will come on TV only to praise Allah for his name'.

"I realized after paying Umrah that I was wasting my life before, I didn't want to waste myself," the actress said.

He also said that there are some people who are inconvenienced by the fact that they do it on the media.

Rabi Pirzada decided to make a living by following Islamic teachings
Referring to his videos being leaked, he said, "At that time, my career was booming. I was making a lot of money and after my videos went viral, my reputation increased even more and I got a lot of support from these people." I got work offers that I dreamed of working with. '

He said, "Before Rabi Pirzada, when people used to have such data leaks, they would become stars overnight, I would become them too. But people forget in a few days."


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