Legendary Writer Anwar Maqsood Fell Ill

Legendary Writer Anwar Maqsood Fell Ill

Posted on Dec 23, 2020

Renowned drama writer, writer, author, and comedian 85 years old Anwar Maqsood, is reported to be seriously ill and doctors have advised him to rest.

Anwar Maqsood was last seen at the 13th International Urdu Conference at the Karachi Arts Council of Pakistan in early December. Anwar Maqsood recited prose and poetry in his unique voice at the end of the Urdu conference. He was seen healthy at the Urdu conference, but his absence was noticed in the Karachi Arts Council elections three days ago.

After Anwar Maqsood's absence from the Arts Council elections, President Ahmad Shah, who was re-elected on six issues related to him, said in his Facebook post that the legendary writers have fallen ill. In his short post, Ahmad Shah appealed to the people to pray for Anwar Maqsood's speedy recovery. Although he did not elaborate on Anwar Maqsood in his post, the English newspaper The News quoted him as saying that doctors had advised the legendary actor to rest.

The report quoted Ahmad Shah as saying that Anwar Maqsood had undergone various tests and doctors had advised him to rest due to his longevity and ill health. There were rumors on social media that Anwar Maqsood was suffering from corona, however, sources close to Ahmad Shah or Anwar Maqsood did not confirm or deny this. Anwar Maqsood has been working in the TV and theater industry for the last 6 decades. He has a unique position in Pakistan in terms of comedy.

Anwar Maqsood was born in United India to India, but his family migrated from India to Pakistan in October 1948 and the legendary writer was just eight years old at the time. His 10 sisters and brothers, including Anwar Maqsood, also did some service for the country. His elder sister was playwright Fatima Suraya. His other siblings include Sughra Kazmi (fashion designer), Sara Naqvi (journalist), Zahra Negah (poet), Fatima Asma Siraj, Ahmad Maqsood Hamidi (bureaucrat), Omar Maqsood Hamidi, Zubeida Tariq (dish expert), Amir Maqsood. Singer Bilal Maqsood, son of Hamidi (fashion designer) and Anwar Maqsood.


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