Leading Indian Singer Kk Has Died at the Age of 53

Leading Indian Singer Kk Has Died at the Age of 53

Posted on Jun 1, 2022

Leading Indian playback singer Krishna Kumar Kanath aka 'KK' has died suddenly after a live performance. According to Indian media, after the performance on Tuesday, KK went to the hotel where his health deteriorated. He was shifted to the hospital where his death was confirmed.

After Klugar's sudden departure from the world, not only in India but also in Pakistan, a large number of his fans expressed their heartfelt sorrow and grief and news of his demise began to make his name a top trend on social media.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent a message of condolence on his Twitter account, saying that his songs reflected a wide range of emotions that resonated with people of all ages.

Expressing her views on KK, Indian singer Shriya Ghoshal said that KK was the most humble, decent, pure man. He lamented that no one could have imagined what was happening to his family.

Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet that Krishna Kumar Kanath was a great clown and his soulful voice gave us many memorable songs. "Singer Anupam Roy told me that he had heard some bad news from the hospital. When I contacted the hospital, he was told that he had been brought to the hospital dead," said Indian Energy Minister Arup Biswas. Was

KK's debut album 'Pul' was released in 1999. He was a singer and composer, later focusing on adding his songs to Bollywood movies instead of individual music.

The song is sung in Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai's film 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' in 1999, 'Tarap Tarap Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi', in 2005 the song of ten films 'Dus Bahane Kar Ke Gaye Dill, and 2014 The song "To Ne Mari Entry" from the movie "Ghunde" is one of the most popular songs of his career.

KK's last album was released in 2008.

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Information about the live concert in Kolkata was shared on the Instagram patch of Delhi-born Klugar Krishna Kumar Kanath shortly before his death.

Indian editor Akshay Kumar has also expressed grief over his sudden demise

Indian filmmaker Sreejith Mukherjee, while reminiscing about KK, said that he first met Krishna Kumar last month. "It seemed like we've known each other for years," he said. He said goodbye to his friend and wished we could have more sessions on music, food and cinema.




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