Lahore High Court Ordered Action against Polluting Industrial Units

Lahore High Court Ordered Action against Polluting Industrial Units

Posted on Nov 21, 2019

Lahore: In order to control smog situation in Punjab province, the Lahore High Court ordered action against kilns and polluting industrial units that do not use environmentally friendly technology.

According to the details, the Lahore High Court has directed the Punjab government to take concrete steps while refusing to control the smog.

The court said that action should be taken against kilns that do not use Zigzag technology, action should be taken against industrial units causing pollution.

The Punjab government submitted its reply to the court. In response, the provincial government said it had taken action against 567 pollution units.

The government said that several units were closed and some were issued notices, adding that action is being taken against the pollution industry.

It is to be noted that the fog and the smoke mix has been facing the problem of Punjab for the last two years. In the cities of Indian Punjab, poisonous fog not only became common in Indian Punjab but also in Pakistani Punjab across the border. Is going

Citizens are suffering from various ailments, while open-air breathing is also difficult.

This year, section 144 was imposed on burning of crop residues, litter, tires, and polythene to control smog, while brick kilns were also closed for a few months, which is the main cause of smog.

The Punjab government is also trying to transfer brick kilns to zigzag technology which is less polluting in the atmosphere than ordinary kilns.

According to environmentalists, zigzag technology reduces smoke emissions by 40%. The zigzag technology kiln emits white smoke, which is less harmful than black smoke. Black smoke is highly polluted and toxic, which is extremely dangerous to the environment.


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