Lahore High Court: A petition to hold a Woman march has been granted for hearing

Lahore High Court: A petition to hold a Woman march has been granted for hearing

Posted on Feb 25, 2020

The Lahore High Court has approved the petition filed for hearing to stop the 'Woman's March' to be held on March 8 next month.

The Lahore High Court summoned the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Deputy Inspector General Operations and the Federal Interior Ministry till February 27 this month.

Judicial Activism Council Chairman Azhar Siddiqui filed a petition against the Women's March and requested the court to stop the march.

The petition filed by Azhar Siddiqui said that anti-state organizations and parties were funding the march to spread chaos and nudity in the country.

The petition filed in the court declared the woman's march against Islam as a secret scheme and said that the purpose of the march was to spread nudity.

In the petition, lawyer Azhar Siddiqui wrote that the women march participants held last year had carried play cards and banners containing objectionable messages.

The petition filed by Azhar Siddiqui said that he had also forwarded the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), along with the FIA, to objectionable slogans by women before returning to the court. The application was made but their request was not processed.

Azhar Siddiqui said that he had also filed petitions under Pakistan Electronic Crime Act 2016, Citizens Protection Rules 2020 and Red Zone Act 2018 Punjab but no action was taken to stop the march on any of his requests.

The petition urged the court to order the woman to stop marching, including ordering code of conduct for publicity on social media.

It was also requested that the court issue orders for the administration to stop such march on the road.

The petition urged the court to 'prevent women from marrying women'.

The court, hearing the petition of Azhar Siddiqui, issued notices to the FIA, DG operations and the federal government's lawyer and sought response by February 27.

The court ordered the government lawyer to inform the court by responding to the Federal Interior Ministry regarding the march.

It is to be noted that for the first time last year, 'Woman March' was held in different cities of Pakistan, which included a large number of women and girls.

The women march from Karachi to Lahore and Islamabad to Hyderabad held dozens of unique slogan banners and play cards, including some controversial banners, which also criticized the Women's March. ۔

This year too, women have announced to marry women in all major cities of Pakistan and arrangements are being made in this regard.


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