Lahore corona's first suspected patient Died

Lahore corona's first suspected patient Died

The first suspected coronavirus patient has died in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province.

According to Qaiser Sharif, Secretary Punjab Health Department, the patient was admitted to the isolation ward of Mayo Hospital on Monday night.

He said the patient's coronavirus was tested and the results are likely to arrive by noon today.

In addition, Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid said at a press conference in Lahore that a patient was brought from Mandi Bahauddin at 12 pm, who had been kept in isolation due to critical conditions.

"The patient was in a coma and died in the morning, but before that, we have sent his samples, but it will be confirmed only after the report comes out that he died of coronavirus or someone else," she said. 

Yasmin Rashid said that the patient's case history was that he first came from Iran and went to Muscat and after 14 days he came to Pakistan, so we kept him in isolation but as soon as his report came Will reveal

Starting from December 2019 in China's city of Wuhan, Covid-19 (the Novel Coronavirus) has spread to about 156 countries worldwide, affecting more than 565,000 people worldwide.

About 7,000 people have died due to this global outbreak, with the highest number of deaths of 3,999 in China's province of Hubei.

The first case of the deadly virus was reported in Pakistan on February 26, while the first case of the virus was reported in Punjab on March 15.


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