Kuwait directs people to pray in their homes through the Azan

Kuwait directs people to pray in their homes through the Azan

Posted on Mar 16, 2020

In Kuwait, people are being instructed to offer prayers at the houses for precautionary measures regarding the "Coronavirus".

Kuwait's Ministry of Religious Affairs has already temporarily suspended prayer gatherings due to precautionary measures in the wake of the 'Coronavirus' and has directed people not to go to mosques for prayers.

However, after most people came to the mosque to offer prayers, the scholars there began to instruct people to pray at their homes through the Azan.

According to the Turkish news agency 'Anatolo', Kuwaiti cadres have begun directing people to pray at their homes by making slight modifications to the Azan, and videos of such instructions by the azan have surfaced on social media. After it went viral.

According to the report, the Mu'adin is saying the phrase " الصلاة في بيوتكم " instead of " حی علی الصلاح " (call to prayer) among the Azan so that at least people will come to the mosque.

Although it is unclear whether people in Kuwait's mosques are being instructed to pray in their homes in the same way, the social media reported that the mosques in busy areas were instructed by the people. 

People from other Islamic countries, including Arab countries, are praising Kuwaiti Mu'adin 's directives for offering prayers at home, saying that the only way to prevent the virus is to take precautions and to prevent people from anywhere. The best caution is to get the least number of deposits.


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