Kiran Shah Releases New Book 'Pink Shoes and Jilbaab' Around the Globe

Kiran Shah Releases New Book 'Pink Shoes and Jilbaab' Around the Globe

Kiran Shah, a well-known artist and poet, has released her inspirational book Pink Shoes and Jilbaab: Not Your Average Hijab Guide by Passionpreneur Publishing and the book will be distributed worldwide by major book distributors.

Pink Shoes and Jilbaab is a witty reference for young Muslim women thinking about wearing hijab. Kiran Shah, a Hijab Lifestyle Advocate, shares insightful tips, walks readers through her personal experiences and shares her advice about how to balance upholding your ideals and living a confident Hijabi life in this book.

The poet, who began wearing the hijab at the age of 25, has struggled to fit in and find her place since making this decision. Kiran Shah, a Women Empowerment Coach, Emotional Intelligence, NLP, and Corporate Trainer, talks about how her modest clothing hasn't prevented her from achieving her goals in a lighthearted and upbeat manner.

The book is now available to encourage readers all over the world via the IngramSpark distribution network and other affiliates, with print-on-demand coverage in the UK, Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. In the Middle East, the e-book is available at more than 25 online bookstores, including Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Nobles, and Apple Books. In Pakistan, it's available at Liberty and Dawah Books.


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