Killer Corona virus kills 8 people in Iran

Killer Corona virus kills 8 people in Iran

Killer Coronavirus kills 8 people in Iran

TEHRAN: The number of coronavirus deaths in Iran has risen to 8 while the number of victims has risen to 43, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health has warned that virus could be spread because of Chinese workers working in Qom. 

According to the details, the Iranian Ministry of Health confirmed the death of eight people by a coronavirus, saying that after the 15 more virus cases have reported, the number of people affected has 43.

Fourteen Iranian cities have closed educational institutions and cinemas, subways, cafes and fountains in Tehran, while all religious gatherings in Qom have been banned.

Iran has also imposed emergency on all its borders and affected areas and alerted doctors and staff of the Ministry of Health.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health has indicated that the virus could spread due to Chinese labours working in Qom, while the Iranian Ministry of Health says the Coronavirus is spreading in the country, so citizens should be very careful.

According to foreign media, the increasing number of patients in Iran could affect the neighbouring countries, the couple returned from Iran to the United Arab Emirates confirmed the Coronavirus, while the forty-five-year-old woman from Lebanon is infected with the Coronavirus.

Saudi Arabia bans its citizens and foreign nationals from travelling to Iran, while Iraq and Turkey close borders with Iran.


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