Khalilur Rahman Qamar: Noman Ejaz’s Old Video Sparks Mental Health Debate

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Noman Ejaz’s Old Video Sparks Mental Health Debate

In recent social media circles, a video from June 2021 has resurfaced, triggering a robust debate on mental health issues within the entertainment industry.

The video, aptly titled Khalilur Rahman Qamar and Noman Ejaz’s Old Video Sparks Mental Health Debate, features veteran Pakistani actor Nauman Ejaz on Mubasher Luqman’s YouTube channel, where he controversially describes renowned playwright Khalilur Rehman Qamar as mentally ill.

During this interview, which has now caught viral attention, Noman Ejaz was prompted to give his opinions on various showbiz personalities. His candid remarks about Qamar were met with laughter and concurrence from Luqman and the co-host, amplifying the controversial nature of his assertions.

Noman Ejaz revealed that he had inadvertently discovered Khalilur Rahman Qamar, regretting this as a mistake in retrospect. He commented on the complexities of human nature, noting that while everyone has their own set of issues, Qamar’s seemed particularly pronounced, contributing to his controversial and complex public persona.

Khalilur Rahman Qamar and Noman Ejaz Controversy

A video featuring Khalilur Rahman Qamar criticizing Noman Ejaz has resurfaced and sparked controversy following Qamar’s derogatory remarks in a recent TV appearance. The harsh language used by Qamar, describing Ejaz as ugly and bad, has reignited their feud and drawn widespread criticism from the entertainment industry.

Stakeholders in the entertainment industry have condemned Qamar’s comments, stressing the importance of professionalism. The public dispute highlights the ongoing issue in the Pakistani entertainment sector where personal issues often overshadow professional decorum.

The incident has led to a broader conversation about celebrity behavior and its impact on public and professional relationships.


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As the video gains traction, it serves as a stark reminder of the influence public figures have and the potential consequences of their statements, especially on sensitive topics like mental health.

Industry watchers and audiences are now reflecting on the responsibilities that come with public visibility, including the importance of civility in professional disagreements.

The debate is also focusing on the need for greater mental health awareness and sensitivity within the high-pressure entertainment industry.

The ongoing discourse is pushing for more responsible and respectful communication in the industry, emphasizing mental health awareness. This old video not only revisits past grievances but also prompts a crucial conversation about public discussions on mental health.

The incident is becoming a significant case study on the role of media in moderating discussions and how careless comments can impact individuals’ reputations and mental well-being.

The discussion surrounding this video is a reflection of broader societal challenges, urging a reevaluation of how mental health issues are publicly addressed.

As the story continues to unfold, it remains a critical point for examining celebrity influence, professional ethics, and the overlap of public personas with personal health issues. This evolving situation highlights the ongoing need for thoughtful discourse on sensitive issues within public and professional realms.


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