Kazakhstan: 10 dead and dozens of civilians injured, including the police in Riots

Kazakhstan: 10 dead and dozens of civilians injured, including the police in Riots

Posted on Feb 10, 2020

The riots in Kazakhstan's multi-ethnic southern region have left 10 dead and dozens of civilians injured, including the police.

According to the AFP report, Kazakh Deputy Minister of Interior Aliyeksi said that the number of casualties so far on Friday has reached 10, while many have crossed the Kyrgyzstan border.

Earlier, authorities said that 8 people were killed in the riots, but the deputy interior minister said 39 people were still in the hospital.

Kazakh President Qasim Jamarat said the riots had been crushed.

According to reports, authorities in Kazakhstan claimed that there was harmony among the sects in the country, but the recent riots had left the authorities worried.

Media reports cited the riots as a clash between the Kazakh tribe and the minority tribe Donovan, but authorities did not confirm.

The deputy interior minister said 5 policemen were also injured in the riots, of which 3 were shot dead but 'I want to clarify that the police did not use weapons'.

The local administration said the clash initially started between 70 people and later spread to 300 villages.

The deputy interior minister of Kazakhstan said the clashes intensified when 'eyewitnesses and provocateurs made videos and released them on social media with various messages that added to the tension and added residents from nearby areas'.

Due to the riots, many people have fled to neighbouring Kyrgyzstan, local media reported 4,000 of them, the majority of the minority tribesmen.

Doqan is a Muslim tribe with a large number of members living in Kazakhstan as well as in Kyrgyzstan and northwest China.

Authorities said there were signs of tension in the affected areas and residents were gathering around the destroyed homes, where police and security forces were also present.

The Kazakhstani Foreign Ministry, known for its communal harmony, said in its statement that "more than 100 tribes live peacefully"


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