Kashmore Police Rescue Singer Khushboo Laghari Rescued From Abduction

Kashmore Police Rescue Singer Khushboo Laghari Rescued From Abduction

Police in the northern district of Kashmore at Kandhkot in Sindh province rescued young folk singer Khushboo Lagharifrom from being abducted.

Kashmore at Kandhkot has become a stronghold of criminal gangs, where dacoits give people false information on their mobile phones and kidnap them under the pretext of work. This is the same area where dacoits kidnap young people from all over Sindh by making phone calls in the voice of women, after which millions of rupees are collected from the families of the abductees.

Just last November, Kashmore police launched an operation to free a woman from Karachi and her young daughter from the clutches of criminals. And now the police there, in a timely manner, saved young folk singer Khushboo Lagharifrom being abducted. Khushboo Leghari, while releasing a video in Sindhi on her Facebook page, admitted that if the Kashmore police had not informed her in time, she would have gone to Kashmore to perform, where she would have been abducted and taken to Kacha.

Khushboo Lagharisaid that a few days ago, a person from Kashmore called his father and said that he wanted to invite the singer to a wedding program. Upon which the singer's father told her that he would guarantee the security of the program and then Khushboo Laghari would attend the ceremony. Those who called for a security guarantee from the singer's father assured that they were ready to give a guarantee.

Khushboo Lagharisaid that a few days after the people who called to talk on the program called, Kashmore police called their number and informed them that the people who called them were criminals, so they Don't go there at the invitation of According to the singer, the police told her that she was monitoring such criminals or anyone from the district making suspicious phone calls, so she should not go at the invitation of such criminals.

Khushboo Lagharisaid police warned him that the robbers intended to kidnap him and take him to the Kacha area. The singer thanked the Kashmore police for the timely notification by the police and also told the fans to beware of such phone calls.

Who is Khushboo Laghari?

Khushboo Laghariis a young folk singer who has been singing for the past decade. Apart from Sindhi, she also sings in Seraiki and Urdu. She performs mostly on folk songs; her songs are more popular in rural areas.

Khushboo Lagharialso sings romantic and remake songs in addition to folk songs, and has released several music albums.

Khushboo Laghariis currently based in Hyderabad and has been performing in remote villages of Sindh to perform wedding ceremonies.


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