Kartarpur Corridor Inauguration, Hindu Muslim Brotherhood Trend after Babri Masjid Decision

Kartarpur Corridor Inauguration, Hindu Muslim Brotherhood Trend after Babri Masjid Decision

KARACHI: After the inauguration of the Kartarpur Corridor and the Babri Masjid decision, social media websites around the world have been trending hashtags of Hindu Muslim brothers and sisters on Twitter.

According to a Dawn newspaper report, the Supreme Court of India had ruled in the Ayodhya case before the opening of the Kartarpur transit in Pakistan. On the one hand, users using #KartarpurCorridor hoped-for future cooperation between Pak-India relations, while on the other hand #AyodhyaVerdict was also reminded of the violent sectarian enemies in the region.

'Ayodhya Wordtak' was among the top trends with 6 million tweets worldwide, while 'Kartarpur Corridor' was trending fourth with 86 thousand tweets worldwide. Hundreds of Indian Sikh pilgrims arriving in Pakistan tweeted under the hashtag Kartarpur Corridor in the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Belarus, Canada, Germany, Oman, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

"At least one country is trying to listen to its people," said Ashok Swain, associate professor of peace and conflict research. After the verdict of the Babri Masjid case, 'Temple will be built there' was trending in India, while 'Hindu Muslim Brother' hashtag was also seen in the top trends in which consumers showed religious bias in Ayodhya decision. Was criticized.

The Indian page's Twitter account, which publishes Indian politics and media content, wrote: "Apart from the decision, today will be historic, let's make sure that history remembers us as agents of peace and harmony." Make us fight hate more and more united. ' After that, the hashtag was trending worldwide and more than 35,000 tweets were received from UAE, Belarus, India, Pakistan, and the USA. Interestingly, the opening of the Kartarpur transit and the decision of Ayodhya were announced on the same day as the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The user tweeted that the wall was started to collapse on that day. Now let's break the wall of sectarian hatred and prove to the world what a united India can do. In the past, Pakistan has also been trending hashtags in connection with Iqbal Day, which is celebrated in recognition of Allama Iqbal's services to Muslims in the subcontinent.


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