Kartarpur Corridor Construction Work is in Rapid Progress

Kartarpur Corridor Construction Work is in Rapid Progress

Posted on Oct 25, 2019

Kartarpur Corridor has been opened for Sikh visitors. The Kartarpur Gurdwara is a vast complex spread over an area of 42 acres. Eleven months before, when Kartarpur Corridor was opened, there was nothing except a small building, but in a short span of time, a lot of construction has been done here. Many workers are engaged in building and maintaining the complex. A bridge is also constructed over the river Ravi. This bridge is one kilometer in length. There are arrangements for accommodation and food for 10,000 visitors. Sikh visitors can come here but they are not allowed to stay here at night. Moreover, visitors will have to pay 20$ each. Sardar Gobind Singh says, “The construction of Gurdwara in a short period of time seems to be a dream. By the grace of Almighty, this project is successfully completed. We are very glad to see it. A local person says, “There was no facility in this area before the start of the project. Due to this project, the condition of this area is entirely changed.”
This project is fully funded by the Pakistani Government. Pakistani Government is supporting the project. According to analysts, there is less probability that Pak-India relations will be fine in the near future, due to this ‘friendly gesture’. Yes, this project is a friendly gesture towards Sikh community.


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